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A flexible environmental monitoring platform
Orbica's platform can be used across a wide variety of environmental types and industries use cases.

Our flexible pricing model allows you to pay for only what you need, and our team of experts can help you get started with your environmental monitoring project.


Environmental monitoring platforms can offer critical insights into forest health, pest outbreaks, and wildfire risks, enabling more effective forest management and conservation strategies.

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Farmers can use environmental data to make informed decisions about planting, irrigation, and harvesting, optimizing crop yields while minimizing environmental impacts.

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Detailed climate and soil data can help horticulturists tailor their care and cultivation techniques to improve plant health and productivity.

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Land use & compliance

By monitoring environmental conditions, industries can ensure compliance with environmental regulations, reducing legal risks and promoting sustainable land use practices.

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Local Government & Councils

Environmental monitoring can assist local governments in urban planning, pollution control, and enhancing the quality of life for their communities through informed decision-making.

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Environmental consultants

Consultants can leverage environmental data to provide their clients with insights and recommendations for reducing environmental footprints and achieving sustainability goals.

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Maritime & coastal

This sector can benefit from monitoring marine environments for navigation safety, pollution control, and conservation of marine ecosystems.

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Emergency Management

Real-time environmental data can be crucial for early warning systems, disaster response, and recovery efforts, potentially saving lives and reducing economic losses.

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Nonprofit Programs

Nonprofits focused on environmental and conservation efforts can use data to guide their projects, track environmental changes, and measure the impact of their initiatives.

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Energy & Infrastructure

By monitoring environmental conditions, this sector can optimize operations, minimize environmental impacts, and comply with regulations, supporting sustainable development.

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Environmental data can help insurers assess risks more accurately, develop better pricing models, and quickly respond to disaster events.

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Carbon Credits Monitoring & Calculation

Environmental monitoring platforms enable the accurate tracking of carbon emissions and sequestration, essential for the management and trading of carbon credits. This facilitates compliance with global carbon reduction commitments and supports the development of sustainable practices across industries.

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Mine Regeneration

Mine regeneration initiatives can benefit from environmental monitoring to safely manage and rehabilitate old mine sites, turning them into sustainable environments or repurposing them for new uses.

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Our expert team is here to help.

Orbica's team works directly with companies to implement our platform into your workflow and maximise your use.

We offer support to all of our customers as well as specialist integration and training professional services for larger enterprises or specific environmental monitoring use cases.