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Environmental Monitoring & Management

Protect the environment and manage resources with advanced geospatial data

Effective environmental management requires a comprehensive view of the natural world and the impact of human activities. Orbica’s platform allows organisations to incorporate various datasets on land use, vegetation, water resources, wildlife, and more to build a big picture view of the environment. The platform’s cloud native architecture allows organisations to scale their operations as needed and collaborate with stakeholders, making it a versatile solution for natural resource management. This includes forestry management, protecting natural assets through wildfire threat analyses, and mitigating the impact of human activities with carbon accounting and sequestration best-practices.

Agriculture & Farming

Boost crop yields and improve resource management with geospatial intelligence

Effective agriculture and farming require a deep understanding of crop yields, soil conditions, and weather patterns. Orbica’s platform provides near real-time geospatial intelligence, allowing farmers and agri-businesses to make informed decisions. This data, combined with advanced modeling and visualization tools, allows organisations to optimise their crop management practices, reduce waste, and boost yields.

Water Management & Security

Protect water security and make informed, sustainable decisions

Effective water management is critical for human health, economic development, and environmental sustainability. And it requires the collection, collation, and analysis of a vast amount of data and insights. Orbica’s cloud-native geospatial platform can give organisations and governments a holistic view of their water infrastructure, integrating near real-time data on supply and demand, water quality, network disruptions, potential contamination, and more. This enables them to make informed decisions that ensure the long-term sustainability and security of their water resources.

Disaster Response & Management

Respond faster and more effectively to disasters with geospatial intelligence

In the event of a disaster, timely and accurate information is essential for effective response and management. Orbica’s platform provides near real-time geospatial intelligence, allowing disaster response teams to quickly assess the situation and make informed decisions on the ground. The platform’s advanced analytics and visualization capabilities make it possible to model and analyze the impact of the disaster, helping teams prioritize resources and respond more effectively.

Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Project Manawa

Project Manawa was a direct response to BOPRC's frustration over their inability to visualise and share the data.

BOPRC heavily relies on regional data for informed decisions, but prior to Project Manawa, scattered spreadsheets caused data loss and missed opportunities. Leveraging AWS Cloud, Jupyter Notebooks, and AI, Orbica's Platform optimised BOPRC's datasets, bringing a new dimension to their insights.

Coupled with a cutting-edge map visualisation tool, the brilliance of Project Manawa lies in the integration of multiple datasets, including real-time movement & Bluetooth sensor data. This approach provided deeper insights into regional dynamics.

By hosting both data storage & the application on the secure AWS cloud infrastructure, BOPRC gained a cloud instance of the "flow of people and freight" tool, empowering multiple users to explore and query data.

Project Manawa showcases the transformative power of Cloud and Geospatial technology and how organisations can unlock unparalleled data insights.

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