Monitoring & Reporting for every environment.

Orbica is an easy-to-use environment monitoring, change and compliance platform for primary industries. Easily monitor any environment across a range of analysis types, no coding required.

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How Orbica works

Within 5 minutes you can have your own environment change and compliance monitoring setup.

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1. Choose your area

Choose your area of interest (AOIs), this can be anything from a small crop farm to a large mine or forest.

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2. Choose your analysis

Select from a range of industry-specific analysis types.

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3. Choose your frequency

Within 5mins you can have your own environment change and compliance monitoring setup.

A powerful suite of tools

Orbica gives your team everything they need in one simple to use package for all of their compliance and environmental monitoring needs.

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Built-in analysis types

Orbica offers access to prebuilt analysis types that can be used to monitor any environment. Advanced users also have access to over 120 spectral indices.



Understanding the changes and health of exotic and indigenous trees is key to making informed decisions about forest management.



Crop health and productivity are directly linked to environmental changes such as seasonal variations, soil characteristics and water availability. Access to the latest data can provide key early insights into plant stress.



Commercial skifields and hydroelectricity production are just two industries that rely on up-to-date monitoring to assess the extent and dynamics of snow cover.



Land-use changes associated with an increase in urban areas can be monitored using a combination of vegetation, soil and building detection.



Water is our most important resource, so monitoring changes in water surface area and quality is essential for informed resource management decisions.



For advanced users, scientists and GIS professionals. Construct your own analysis types using over 120 spectral indices.

Global coverage

Orbica connects to a range of satellites giving us weekly global coverage.

No matter where your environment is, we can help.

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Solutions for every industry

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