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[ A.I. Powered ]

Environmental Monitoring at Scale.

Orbica's GeoAI platform allows you to monitor a wide range of environments and elements across the globe, all from one easy-to-use platform.

Trusted by private enterprises, governments and councils:


[ Our product ]

A Unified GeoAI Platform

- 80+ A.I. and spectral indices analysis types.

- Built-in continuous monitoring and alerts.

- Unlimited users within your company, no coding required.

orbica environmental monitoring platform
orbica environmental monitoring platform
orbica environmental monitoring platform

[ Solutions & Industries ]

Proven Solutions For A Range Of Industries

Orbica's GeoAI platform has analysis types for a large range of specific industries and environmental monitoring use cases.

Contact us for an industry specific demo.

[ 1 ]
Commercial Forestry

Continuously monitor commercial forestry, for compliance, slash, fallen trees, environmental impact and more.

[ 2 ]
Government forestry and environments

Large-scale monitoring of government-controlled forestry, landscapes and more.

[ Technologies ]

Innovating On Numerous Fronts

Orbica's GeoAI platform enables the development of modern cloud-first GIS solutions in record time.

A.I. models

Orbica is a world-leader in the development of computer vision A.I. models for large scale GIS and environmental datasets.

GIS ETL & Pipeline

Orbica's platform allows the easy management of large scale ETL and GIS datasets.

AWS partnership

Orbica's cloud runs on AWS and is built using the best of Open Source and in-house built technologies.


Orbica's platform can be easily integrated and connected to in-house and public GIS datasets, for fast analysis on any data set.