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[ GeoAI Platform ]

Mitigate risks and streamline operations with easy-to-use environmental monitoring.

Orbica's Environmental monitoring platform combines: earth imagery, geospatial science, computer vision and workflow processes into one simple toolset.


[ Product overview ]

A complete solution to take your team from reactive to proactive.

Orbica's Environmental monitoring platform combines:

- Access to over 50 GIS indices and custom AI computer vision models.

- An easy-to-use, no-code interface

- Access for your entire team

- Workflow and monitoring tools

[ Analysis types ]

Access to over 50 spectral indices and A.I. analysis types

Analysis types to cover a wide range of industries and use cases.

1. Vegetation >>

2. Burn >>

3. Water >>

4. Snow >>

5. Soil >>

6. Urban >>

7. Kernel >>

8. RADAR >>

[ Integrations ]

Analysis on top of your own data

Orbica's Environmental Monitoring platform can work directly on top of your existing and proprietary datasets.

From drone flyover imagery to large data warehouses, all can be easily connected.