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[ Environmental Monitoring ]

A Complete Environmental Monitoring Solution

Orbica's environmental monitoring platform combines earth imagery, geospatial science, computer vision and workflow processes into one easy-to-use toolset.

[ Product overview ]

Take your team from reactive to proactive.

Orbica's Environmental monitoring platform combines:

- Access to over 120 GIS indices and custom AI computer vision models.

- An easy-to-use, no-code interface

- Access for your entire team

- Workflow and monitoring tools

[ Areas of Interest ]

Target multiple Areas of Interest (AOIs).
Orbica's interface let's you easily highlight and taeget multiple areas of interest.

GeoJSON files can also be imported to create AOIs, which can then be targeted with up to 5 analysis types similtaneously.

[ Analyze & visualize ]

Built-in analysis to explore results
Orbica's allows to analyze and visualize the results of every monitoring job, without leaving the platform.

This makes Orbica's environmental monitoring accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

[ Global coverage ]

Access and monitor from a range of satellites.
Orbica Environmental Monitoring provides access to a range of satellite data sources, including Sentinel-2, Landsat 8, PlanetScope and more.

This allows you to monitor the environmental changes of any point of interest globally, and to access the data you need to make informed decisions.

[ Builtin Analysis Types. ]

Built-in analysis types.
Orbica comes with a variety of built-in analysis types perfect for primary industries and environmental monitoring needs.

These can be easily access through our point and click interface and applied to any area of interest globally.


Advanced mode: User defined indices


Water is our most important resource, so monitoring changes in water surface area and quality is essential for informed resource management decisions.


Landuse changes associated with an increase in urban areas can be monitored using a combination of vegetation, soil and building detection.


Commercial skifields and hydroelectricity production are just two industries that rely on up-to-date monitoring to assess the extent and dynamics of snow cover.


Crop health and productivity are directly linked to environmental changes such as seasonal variations, soil characteristics and water availability. Access to the latest data can provide key early insights into plant stress.


Understanding the changes and health of exotic and indigenous trees is key to making informed decisions about forest management.

[ For Scientists and GIS professionals ]

Access to over 120 spectral indices.

In advanced mode, Scientists and GIS professionals can access to over 120 spectral indices.

These can be mixed and matched together and applied to the monitoring of any area of interest.

[ Exportable reports ]

Export monitoring results to PDF for easy distribution.
All monitoring results can be exported to PDF reports for easy distribution and for offline use.

All charts, monitoring result graphics and animated GIFs can be easily exported for use in Powerpoint presentations, Word documents, or any other document format.

Emailing digests are automated and sent when a threshold has been exceee. These can be sent to people both in and outside your team.


Export for analysis

Orbica's Environmental Monitoring platform can work directly on top of your existing and proprietary datasets.

Data can be easily exported for further analysis with your existing tool stack such as Esri ArcGIS, QGIS, Python/Juytper, GeoJSON and more.

[ Coming soon - A.I enhancements ]

A.I. enhanced monitoring and analysis types
Orbica Environmental Monitoring's upcoming AI integration will allow users to describe with natural language the type of monitoring they want to perform, and the system will automatically generate the monitoring type and analysis formula.

Contact us for early access.

[ Coming soon - IoT Integration ]

Monitor points of interest with IoT devices
Our upcoming IoT integration will allow users to monitor points of interest with via their IoT devices. The data can then be used directly in Orbica Environmental Monitoring for analysis.

Contact us for early access.