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Over 7 years of GIS and computer vision innovation


Orbica is a team of global Geospatial experts, data scientists, and business leaders who have come together to build something transformative.

Started in 2017 as a small team working on innovative app builds and A.I. computer vision projects.

The team has taken all of these learnings and combined them into it's GeoAI Environmental Monitoring platform.

Powered by the trifecta of Cloud workflows, A.I. and GIS Science.

Orbica's GeoAI Environmental Monitoring solutions is a unique offering that combines difficult GIS, ecological science, computer vision and A.I. models into an easy-to-use platform.

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Help us pioneer geospatial democracy to enhance billions of lives

With the rise of mega data, geospatial demands have changed, but the tools have stayed the same. Until now. At Orbica, we’re on a mission to drive the broad adoption of geospatial knowledge, tools, and capabilities, and pave the way for a new era of democratised data. A bold vision that requires bold talent.

So, if the thought of leading the industry down a new path and pioneering geospatial democracy gets you excited, get in touch, even if we have no advertised openings. We’re always looking for keen minds, enthusiasts, and visionaries to join the good fight.

Become an Orbican and do cool things that make the world a better place for everyone:

Drive innovation
Amplify your impact by working on innovative technology that brings geospatial to the masses

Build your career
Grow in a fast-paced expanding organisation that values collaboration, team-work and you

Create a better future
Be part of a bigger movement, and make a positive impact on both people & planet

Contact us at: info@orbica.com