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Power critical decisions with geospatial data analysis

Combine geospatial & AI knowledge, data, and tools to make critical decisions in your business, and unlock hidden value in your data assets with Orbica’s geospatial analysis Platform.

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[ Our difference ]

What makes
Orbica different?

Orbica offers geospatial solutions like never before:

[ 1 ]
Customisable tools and workflows

Say goodbye to generic off-the-shelf templates and models. Orbica helps you create geospatial solutions for your data and business.

[ 2 ]
Designed for everyone, not just GIS experts

Break free from geospatial silos and bottlenecks. Orbica enables everyone in your organisation to unlock the value of your geospatial data assets.

[ 3 ]
Transparent & controllable pricing

No more expensive upgrades, dreaded ELA renewals and opaque pricing. Orbica scales to your needs with transparent, consumption-based pricing and organisational (instead of user based) subscriptions.

[ 4 ]
Simplified & controlled governance

Stop sacrificing power for convenience when you can have both. Orbica simplifies technical governance across standards, quality, security, visibility, and costs.

[ 5 ]
A fully managed geospatial platform

Escape the costly burden of maintaining infrastructure with in-house resources. Orbica’s fully managed geospatial Platform gives you peace of mind and frees your team up to deliver value to customers.

[ 6 ]
A truly cloud-native geospatial solution

Ditch the constraints of rigid, old-school infrastructure. Orbica’s cloud-native Platform offers unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and agility, to meet your changing needs and demands.

[ Location Based ]

Put location at the heart of your geospatial analysis

Everything happens in a time and place – so location is the common thread in all your data assets. Yet most organisations don’t have broad access to geospatial knowledge, tools, and capabilities to fully leverage their spatial data. We’re here to change that.

Orbica couples the powerful capabilities of geospatial and AI so you can understand complex phenomena and gain new insights that drive real business value.

Platform Screenshot
Platform Screenshot
Platform Screenshot

[ How it works ]

Data in.
Knowledge out.

Orbica gives you a data management, data processing, data analytics and application development toolkit, all in one place

Curate and manage your data

Import data, connect to external APIs and seamlessly convert between geospatial and AI formats to leverage the full potential of both.

Analyse your data

Build tools and models from scratch or using no-code or low-code options from the marketplace, and then publish to share with others.

Plan & automate workflows

Easily create data pipelines and automate workflows to reduce menial tasks, eliminate errors, save time, and free up staff to innovate and extend ROI.

Create & share your work

Seamlessly share your work, whether it’s data, models, or applications, with colleagues and stakeholders to ensure it drives impact and ROI.

[ Features & Benefits ]

The future of geospatial AI is here

Gone are the days of hacking together data sources, wrestling with interoperability issues, and losing sleep over botched data governance. Orbica enables your whole team to leverage your data to create insights, develop artificial intelligence models, workflows and applications, and deploy them seamlessly to many users through a secure cloud environment.

1. Discover data & code >>

Easily maintain and manage all your data in one platform that supports all common data formats for smooth interoperability, even between geospatial and AI. Empower the non-geospatial folk with geospatial data and improve collaboration between teams.

2. Ingest & integrate >>

Leverage the full stack of Geospatial and AI tools – without the headache of integrations and license restrictions – to build and orchestrate pipelines of value that fit your data and support your business goals. And because it’s cloud-native, you can easily scale up or down as you need to

3. Analyse & collaborate >>

Everyone needs different data and tools for their job and the Orbica platform supports them all – APIs, notebooks, R, Python, SQL, you name it. So everyone can share, co-author, and collaborate, all without the common constraints inflicted by hardware, licencing and specialist jargon.

4. Automate data flow >>

Improve your team’s efficiency by eliminating the tedious, manual tasks that drain everyone’s life energy. By automating important workflows, you can work faster, eliminate the risk of human error, reduce rework, and drive digital transformation.

5. Deploy & monitor >>

Create remarkable products from scratch, integrate with other applications, or create fast visualisations using low-code or no-code options. Then seamlessly share your outcome within your organisation or with the world through the marketplace.

6. Control governance >>

The key to scale is a solid foundation, and that requires controlled governance. In the Orbica Platform, you can set metadata, security and performance standards at an organisational level – so compliance and governance becomes easier to manage.

[ Connect Everything ]

Connect your existing data and tools

Stop wasting time with interoperability issues, looking for data, and dealing with proprietary tools and formats. Orbica seamlessly integrates your existing data and tools so you can get on with the tasks that move the needle.

[ FAQ ]

You have questions. We have answers.

We’re here to help. If you can’t find an answer to a question you may have, feel free to get in contact and talk to one of our geospatial experts.

Who will benefit from the Orbica Geospatial Platform?

Orbica has been built to allow organisations to utilise their data and commercial expertise to allow geospatial access across their entire user base. It gives access to users of all types, from data scientists to developers, to engineers, to application users.

What problem does the Orbica Geospatial Platform solve?

We have observed that the current industry is full of data silos and segregated users, which limits access to geospatial data. The Orbica Geospatial Platform has been designed to democratise geospatial data and accessibility which empowers users at all levels.

How is the Orbica Geospatial Platform being used?

The Orbica Platform is being used by a wide variety of enterprises and public sector organisations, including governments at all levels, financial services, infrastructure, forestry and social enterprises. The Platform provides geospatial capabilities, such as geocoding, routing, mapping, and spatial analysis, plus GeoAI. These capabilities are exposed via APIs and can be used by applications and services.

How is the Orbica Geospatial Platform accessed?

The Orbica Platform runs on cloud infrastructure – Amazon Web Services (AWS). This infrastructure provides the compute, storage, and network resources required to run the Orbica Geospatial Platform.

How is the Orbica Geospatial Platform licensed?

Our commercial model differs from the traditional legacy GIS approach, in that we do not require user licences. Instead, we offer an organisation level subscription (in tiers) and transparency of AWS resources consumed.