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Orbica’s Roadshow kicked off! Transforming Organisations and Revolutionising Workflows in Wellington!

Written by Kurt Janssen

30 July 2023

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The Orbica Geospatial Platform Launch Roadshow kicked off in Wellington yesterday, marking a significant milestone for geospatial professionals, businesses and government organisations who attended.

Our day commenced at the AWS offices, complete with warm coffees and muffins, setting the stage for the big reveal - the long awaited Orbica Geospatial Platform.

Orchestrated by CEO & Founder, Kurt Janssen and Head of Platform, Santosh Seshadri, the session was dedicated to showcasing the Orbica Geospatial Platform’s capabilities as well as a live demonstration of the platform in action.

The audience was thrilled by the presentation. The attendees were enamoured by the platform's ability to convert intricate data sets into interactive visuals at the mere push of a button. A remarkable demonstration of our geospatial data visualisation tools.

Orbica Roadshow Wellington

With over 30 integrated tools, the Orbica Platform illustrated its potential to revolutionise how geospatial technology is utilised, transforming it into an indispensable asset for professionals across diverse industries.

The Orbica Geospatial Platform left a profound impression on the attendees, who quickly recognised the potential benefits it could offer in their respective fields. One enthusiastic audience member summarised their excitement, noting, “It’s very cool, and incredibly time saving for my work.”

Furthermore, the platform's seamless orchestration of data sets and its efficient use of AWS Cloud resonated with many attendees, who were fascinated by its simplicity and efficiency.

Moreover, attendees appreciated the cost-effectiveness of the Orbica Geospatial Platform compared to traditional licensing models, making it an attractive option for businesses seeking geospatial technology in business optimisation.

If you missed the Wellington event, don't worry! There are more chances to join the geospatial revolution at upcoming Orbica Roadshow events.

You can witness firsthand how this innovative platform is changing the way we view and interact with spatial data.

Discover more here.

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