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The Orbica Geospatial Platform Launch Roadshow kick started its Australian Series in Brisbane!

Written by Kurt Janssen

14 August 2023

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Last week, the Orbica Geospatial Platform Launch Roadshow hit the Australian Road!

It wasn’t only the sheer heat of the Brisbane sun that had our team smiling from ear to ear, but the enthusiasm from the crowd who joined us at the Brisbane AWS offices.

Orbica Founder and CEO, Kurt Janssen, flew out to join our Australian General Manager, Rochelle Spearman, in kicking off our Australian roadshow series, and what a start it was! Right from the beginning of the session, Rochelle, Santosh and Kurt were greeted by some very keen minds, eager to understand how the Orbica Geospatial Platform could revolutionise their way of working.

The audience seemed seriously impressed by the capabilities of the Orbica Geospatial Platform. In particular, they were shocked at the simplicity of it and recognised the ways this could provide their business with a far better, more efficient way of working, with the added benefit of better data-driven results.

There was a good mix of geospatial experts, data scientists and team leaders in the crowd which made for some very interesting conversations around many aspects of the Platform, including integrations, scaling abilities, and even, what’s coming next! The Orbica team were so enthused that they even treated the audience to extra demos!

Congregating afterwards for some coffee and muffins kindly put on by AWS, Kurt said,

“I'm immensely proud of Rochelle's leadership and the strides she's making in our Australian venture”.

Rochelle Spearman, Orbica's Australian General Manager, speaking to customers and guests at the Orbica Geospatial Platform Launch Roadshow in Brisbane at the AWS offices

If you’re a data-driven Australian business keen to explore how Orbica can benefit you, touch base with Rochelle here, and she can chat some more with you.

Here's to many more engaging discussions and collaborations in our journey ahead! And a big thank you from Orbica to AWS for kindly hosting all of our International Roadshow events.

If you want to get your hands on a ticket for our next roadshows, you can do so here.