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Orbica is now proudly certified as a B Corp company

Written by Kurt Janssen

30 May 2023

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The B Corporation (B Corp) movement aims to redefine the purpose of business by encouraging companies to prioritise social and environmental performance alongside financial goals. Companies awarded the certification are required to consider the impact of their decisions on employees, communities, and the environment. It signals their commitment to balancing purpose and profit, and using business as a force for good.

By becoming a certified B Corp, Orbica has joined a global community of businesses dedicated to addressing social and environmental challenges. We work together by sharing best practises, and collectively advancing the movement towards a more sustainable and inclusive economy.

So, what does this mean for you?

Alignment of Values:

When you become an Orbica Platform user, you’re aligning yourself with a spatial company that values people and the planet. You enter a business relationship that is underpinned by shared values, a commitment to innovation, long-term value and a collaborative approach. Moreover, you become part of a larger, global movement that champions social and environmental responsibility.

Long-term Value:

As a B Corp, we stand for creating long-term value, not short-term profits. Our aim is to build and maintain enduring relationships by consistently helping you optimise your operations and make informed decisions to support your business goals. We are committed to creating value beyond our own gain.


We actively seek your feedback and consider your unique needs and challenges. Our collaborative approach means that your voice matters and we’re continually evolving to serve you better.


Being a B Corp means driving innovation. Our investment in R&D means that you’ll receive the best geospatial analysis Platform available and maximise both data and profits.

Corporate Responsibility:

By partnering with a B Crop certified organisation like Orbica, you’re aligning with a global initiative that prioritises social and environmental welfare. This commitment not only elevates your business’ corporate responsibility profile but also signals your intent to create a meaningful impact on the world.

What does this mean for Orbica?

Becoming a certified B Corporation opens a wealth of opportunities for Orbica. It serves to separate us from our geospatial competitors and signal our ethics to potential customers and investors. The B Corp certification attracts socially conscious investors looking to align their portfolios with companies that have a positive impact. These investments can provide access to capital and financial resources.

Additionally, B Corp certification can open doors to partnerships and collaborations with other B Corps or organisations. As a geospatial intelligence company, environment, conservation, and natural resources are key parts of our business. Partnering with organisations who share this passion helps both parties in the fight to help people and planet.

Here at Orbica we rely on incredibly talented employees who are exceptional in their field. Recruiting people with the correct skills who share the same ethics and passion can be challenging. Being B Corp certified can help with this. It emphasises our values, which can help attract the right employees and contribute to a strong company culture.

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