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Orbica brings the power of AI, Cloud and Geospatial to Auckland with the Platform Launch Roadshow

Written by Kurt Janssen

23 August 2023

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What an unforgettable day at the Auckland Orbica Roadshow!
A big shout out to our partners Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting the energised morning session and to Spark New Zealand for seamlessly taking the baton for the afternoon session.

The sun came out for us up in Auckland and the views were simply sublime from both offices!

View of Auckland from the Orbica Geosaptial Platform Launch event

The day started with a great morning session at AWS with the SAs and Account Managers, who engaged in some really insightful conversations. There was tangible enthusiasm, and you could see their minds spinning with the potential of the Orbica Geospatial Platform.

In the afternoon, Spark took over the baton, and the muffins were brought out. As the room filled up, the Orbica team, starring Kurt, Santosh, Philip, and Gill, jumped into action to show the audience the capabilities of the Orbica Geospatial Platform and the revolutionary potential of it for their organisations. Once again, our attendees brought the room to life with their thoughtful questions.

Two major talking points really stood out:

  1. The collaborative potential of the Orbica Geospatial Platform, with attendees visualising the end-to-end potential of projects.
  2. The immense value of tapping into the power of AWS and in particular the AWS Cloud via Orbica, opening up a world of scalability and efficiency for projects.

A massive shout out to everyone who came along and made the day a resounding success.

And for those of you who couldn’t make it, check out our events calendar to secure your ticket for one of our upcoming stops.