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From Big Data to Powerful Insights - Clear Strategies for Navigating the Modern Data Landscape

Written by Kurt Janssen

3 September 2023

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In an era where data is dubbed the 'new oil', many organisations consider the sheer volume of their datasets as a measure of success. But data for data’s sake isn’t a badge of honour. What truly sets winning organisations apart is how they transform this data into actionable insights that support robust, future-ready decision-making.

But how do you effectively navigate the path from data to insights?

It’s no easy feat in the day and age of “mega data,” with endless data points and complex algorithms. Which is why a new approach is needed. An approach that is driven by targeted questions rather than simply mining your data for any and all insights. 

A good place to start is by understanding your data’s purpose- it's value proposition, so to speak. When it comes to the vast streams of data flowing in from space, drones, and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices – to name a few, the challenge isn’t amassing data. Instead, its effectively converting it into usable information—knowledge that drives pivotal outcomes. Which involves asking the right questions. Think about it: the old school approach of trawling through vast datasets hoping to extract meaningful information is like putting the carriage in front of the horse. You might end up with useful insights, but equally, you might not. A much more effective strategy for climbing the DIKW pyramid and turning (mega) data into information, knowledge, and – ultimately – wisdom that drives outcomes is to know what you’re looking for in the first place. It’s selecting the right data for the right purpose, and effectively combining and analysing it to answer the question at hand.

Another key consideration when it comes to data-driven decision making is trust. In other words, understanding the lineage and processes behind the data. This involves clear and transparent knowledge about the input data itself, its sources, the reasons for its collection and – most importantly – the analysis it has under gone. Although AI and machine learning still seem like a black box to many, there’s a growing demand to demystify the often-complex realm of data analysis, remove the jargon, and enable decision-makers to get clear and transparent insights into the data and workflows they’re basing their critical decisions on.

Yet, this isn’t just about data; it’s about creating a cultural shift and fostering behavior and process change within organisations. It’s about placing emphasis on the end outcomes and building strategies around them. And it’s about adopting the right tools and strategies to tap into the real potential of data. All of which requires the right teams, tools, and expertise.

Let’s zoom in on teams for a moment. Ensuring seamless collaboration between teams, understanding their workflows, and fostering the free exchange of data and tools is paramount when it comes to driving maximum value from your datasets. When teams are operating in disconnected siloes, workflows become stifled and critical insights are lost. In this scenario, you’re losing out on valuable, cross-disciplinary expertise that fuels innovation and growth.

On the flipside, with the right tools and mindset, big data can help you innovate and excel in today’s digital revolution. Orbica's Geospatial Platform was designed with this idea in mind: Bridging the gap between geospatial data – no matter how vast or from which source – and actionable insights that drive growth. Our Geosaptial Platform offers a suite of intuitive tools that not only simplify data governance and interpretation but also reveal patterns and trends that might otherwise remain hidden. By abstracting the complexities of data management and facilitating a smoother data-to-decision pathway, Orbica ensures that decision-makers are equipped with trusted, authoritative results. Enabling them to lead with more clarity and confidence.

Furthermore, by seamlessly integrating the cloud's capabilities, the platform ensures that the right people are armed with the right data, tools, and ideas. That way, organisations can foster more efficient teamwork, innovate faster, and stay ahead of the game.

Interested in delving deeper into this topic? You can do so by listening here. Or, if you want to better understand how the Orbica Platform can help you get the most out of your (mega) data, you can get in touch with us here.