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Revolutionising Data Handling: Project Manawa Empowers Bay of Plenty Regional Council with Geospatial and AI

Written by Kurt Janssen

24 July 2023

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Orbica is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Bay of Plenty Regional Council (BOPRC) to harness geospatial technology and AI, benefiting BoP residents and improving infrastructure and urban planning.

The birth of Project Manawa was a direct response to BOPRC's frustration over their inability to visualise and share the data they were collecting on people and freight within the region. However, Orbica’s Geospatial Platform could solve the limitations they faced and revolutionise their data handling capabilities.

BOPRC heavily relies on regional data for informed decisions, but prior to Project Manawa, scattered spreadsheets caused data loss and missed opportunities. Leveraging AWS Cloud, Jupyter Notebooks, and AI, Orbica's platform optimised BOPRC's datasets, bringing a new dimension to their insights.

Coupled with a cutting-edge map visualisation tool, the brilliance of Project Manawa lies in the integration of multiple datasets, including real-time movement and Bluetooth sensor data. This comprehensive approach provided deeper insights into regional dynamics for BOPRC.

At Orbica, our commitment to providing top-notch solutions extends to the hosting of both data storage and the application on the secure AWS cloud infrastructure. The collaboration resulted in BOPRC gaining a cloud instance of the "flow of people and freight" tool, empowering multiple users to explore and query data. Visual representations now offer a clear picture of the region's patterns.

Project Manawa showcases the transformative power of Cloud, AI, and Geospatial technology. By amalgamating these cutting-edge technologies, organisations unlock unparalleled data insights, leading to better-informed decisions with a positive impact on the entire regional community.

Project Manawa exemplifies how Orbica and BOPRC have taken strides towards a smarter, more connected future. Here at Orbica, we’re excited to continue empowering more governments and organisations with geospatial and AI technologies.

Read more about the project here.