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At Orbica, we believe in the power of geospatial data, analysis, and AI to change the world. We have developed a cloud-native geospatial platform that enables a variety of people to work collaboratively to solve problems using geospatial analysis. Our Platform-as-a-Service offering enables businesses and government to leverage open-source technologies in a safe, secure, and supported way.

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The Orbica cloud-native geospatial Platform is a PaaS offering that is designed and optimised to run in a cloud environment, and which provides geospatial capabilities and services to its users.

Cloud Infrastructure

The Orbica Platform is designed to run on cloud infrastructure - Amazon Web Services (AWS). This infrastructure provides the compute, storage, and network resources required to run the Platform.


The Orbica Platform is built using containerisation technology – Kubernetes. This enables the Platform to be easily deployed and scaled across multiple cloud instances. Users can build and deploy their own apps.

Microservices Architecture

The Orbica Platform is built using a microservices architecture, which means that it is composed of loosely coupled, independently deployable services. Each service performs a specific function, such as data storage, processing, or analysis, and communicates with other services via APIs.

Geospatial Capabilities

The Orbica Platform provides geospatial capabilities, such as geocoding, routing, mapping, and spatial analysis. These capabilities are exposed via APIs and can be used by applications and services built on top of the Platform.

DevOps and Automation

The Orbica Platform is built using modern DevOps practices and is highly automated. This enables the Platform to be updated and maintained with minimal manual intervention.